The Show

Professional precision aerobatics with a ton of noise and smoke in the large, radial-engined Pitts Model 12 biplane!

Phil's extensive airshow experience will be obvious from start to finish, with non-stop aerobatic action kept right in front of the crowd throughout. See your favourite looping, rolling, snapping, gyroscopic, and sliding manoevres, plus a few you've likely never seen before! 

Phil has flown displays at hundreds of interesting and varying venues. "Not all displays are at large airshows with long crowd-lines......I have performed at everything from tiny agricultural fairs to huge international airshows. I once did a solo show in London England overhead the Thames River in front of Big Ben....fully sanctioned by the Civil Aviation Authority of course." 

Contact Symmans Aero to enquire about having this show at your event, no matter how large or small.

Even if weather is less than ideal, a flat or bad weather show can often still be performed, providing safe, spectacular entertainment.

Safety is paramount and all legal and insurance requirements are of course taken care of. 

A "standout" in the crowd!

Apres show.........Happy campers' sporting their stickers after getting autographs! 

© Phillip Symmans 2018.   Photos by Bob Marsh