The Airplane

Pitts Model 12

The Pitts Model 12 was Curtis Pitts'  12th design development of the highly successful Pitts Special. It is produced by Jim Kimball Enterprises in the U.S., and this 2006 model, built in the U.S. by Mr. Jon Bailey from Mississippi, has a High Performance wing and 4 ailerons, giving it a roll rate in excess of 320 degrees per second!

Being almost twice the size of previous Pitts models but equally maneuverable, the Model 12 is ideally suited for airshows. It provides a large visual target, and the 360 hp Russian M14 radial engine swinging an almost 9-ft diameter 3-blade MT Propeller give it a dominant presence and awesome vertical performance!

This particular Model 12 has been modified with an oversized 11 gal. smoke-oil tank (burning environmentally friendly smoke-oil) which means no smoke rationing is necessary.


The stunning paint-job makes it a real eye-catcher, and from the time the unique air-start system fires the big radial engine into life until the show is over, eyes will be riveted on this beauty!

© Phillip Symmans 2018.   Photos by Bob Marsh