Pre/Apres Show

Before and after the show, Phil loves to interact with members of the public attending the event. He will answer questions about the plane, aerobatics, the show, and anything to do with aviation!

A big reason for the existence of airshows is to encourage young potential aviators to pursue careers in, and related to flying.  Phil will spend as long as it takes to ensure that they enjoy their airshow experience.

“Whether it’s for career inspiration, a photo op, or just an autographed sticker, they will leave with a smile on their face, and that’s really the whole reason I do this”, says Phil.

Older airshow attendees may be aviation enthusiasts, or residents out to see whats on offer at their local airport. Either way, mixing with guests is as important as performing a precision aerobatic routine.

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© Phillip Symmans 2018.   Photos by Bob Marsh